“Our attic, which sits above our 3 car garage, was packed full with all things that come along with having 3 kids in 3 years... you name it, we had it! Having a garage sale was our motive to ‘clean up.’ However, when I approached the attic, I was overwhelmed and I didn't know where to begin.  

     I found Becky and she went through the magnitude of items with me. We separated what I ‘wanted’ and what I could ‘let go of.’  I am no longer burdened by what to do with things! This has changed my life! 
  Today I can walk inside my attic and know exactly where anything and everything is.  Our garage sale was a HUGE success because of Becky.  We paid for her service and still profited hundreds of dollars.  Most importantly, our functional and organized attic allows us to live in peace and harmony.  Our home has gone from chaos to calm. Calling Becky changed our lives.”    Micki  

      “I was ready for a new start!  I knew I needed help but I didn't realize just how much.  I was afraid a bunch of people were coming to look at my personal stuff. I was relieved it was just one organizer. The one-on-one support was great! 
      Everything is so easy to find, and clean, now. I no longer spend my weekends overwhelmed by the chaos. My new goal is filling my house with joy and friendships – and I’ve had several people over!  I hardly ever did this in the past because of the shame I felt from my overall messes.  I also love how happy and relaxed my family is, but it could have more to do with how happy and relaxed I am now!”    Ruth

  “My in-home Art Studio space had become a bit of a dumping grounds.  Becky, a Professional Organizer that I clicked with instantly, came for two sessions to help me get it back in order!  Becky spoke words of encouragement that I will not forget and that I now repeat to myself often. 
      Her ability to relate to and help me far exceeded what an Organizer could typically do.  I wanted Becky to stay as long as possible!  I am massively excited about my newly redone Art Studio!  I am so thankful and proud of the work I did!”     Andrea

“If you are easily distracted like me, know that Becky will be guiding you through things one space, and one step at a time. Just focus on listening to her and you will go as far as you would like!  She’s professional and very friendly.
      Although our session is over and paid for, I am continuing to receive her help! I’m using her valuable advice!  I am proud that: I’ve created an efficient (and attractive!) recycling system, I proactively evaluate my possessions, and my home now stays cleaner and more organized!  Becky is fantastic!”     Ryder

“Don't even think about hiring anyone else. Becky is truly one of the best professionals/workers I have ever hired. I didn't know what to expect when I asked her to help me clean out a huge storage space in my basement that was filled to the brim with stuff - an accumulation from several moves and many decades.
       Becky is a wonderful person, completely competent, fun to work with, and understands how to be not just an organizer of things (although she does that well), but also a confidante and counselor as you sort out the emotional attachment to your things. 
       Becky stayed with the job until it was completed. After the end of four long days together, I felt that I had not only accomplished my original goal of cleaning out my basement, but that I was also privileged to have had her help.”     Dave

 “Becky taught me that organizing isn't just putting things in different places to make them look neatly stored. She takes professional organizing to an amazing level. Becky's ideas for repurposing items, creating space, making items accessible, and to look tidy and clean was where her expertise far exceeded my expectations.  It looks great and feels so good to be organized.
      She is considerate, thoughtful, and not a 'here's-what-you-should-do-with-that' person.  Becky's professional approach led me to make comfortable choices.”    Nancy   


      “I have been planning to clean out and organize the garage for a very long time.  It took just one hour of working with Becky to realize that I had made a great decision to hire her…as opposed to try doing it by myself, which would have taken me at least 3 or 4 weekends.
      I would have been totally challenged with indecision about what to keep or get rid of, and I wouldn’t have had her advice on how to make the garage fit my lifestyle.  It really was money well spent!”    Ije          


      “My kitchen was transformed and I learned how to transfer the skills she taught me to other areas of my home!  Becky's tips and ideas were easy to understand!  I also appreciate how she respected our family's space and style. 
     She really knows how to transform disorganization back into living space, and how to keep it organized! Enthusiastic and non judgmental, Becky’s also fun to work with!”    Belinda


     "I can't believe how much your stuff adds up as you go! With Becky’s help, my wife and I tackled years of accumulation! I would call Becky an "Organizational Hero!" I now know how to conquer any pile! We got rid of a bunch of stuff and gained personal harmony and peace.

      It was a great experience! You will love the outcome!"      Jason


    “Becky knew just the right questions to ask as we sorted through shelf after shelf, box after box of items. She didn't impose her will, just offered lots of great ideas and was positive and enthusiastic throughout the process.
     She is very committed to the task and with such a helpful attitude! I will definitely have her back to help me attack another area in my home. I got more than my money's worth!”     Sheila

Video:  A peek into our client's newly organized kitchen!   Read our client testimonies below.

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