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The consultation is free?  YES! For your convenience, we conduct it over the phone!

     • It's a preliminary assessment in order for us together determine whether or not our service is a match for your project.  No worries, there are no wrong answers and we are judgment-free!

 I can earn a free organizing?  YES!  The highest compliment is the referral of those you know.
     • For every homeowner that you refer and they use our service, you receive one free hour as our way to say thank you!

I'm ready to schedule!  GREAT! Please submit the Form found on the Contact Page.

     • We will then contact you to select your date, following up the call with an appointment confirmation email that also includes tips to help you prepare for your session.

How long will it take?  Generally it takes approximately one day per area.

     • Key factors being size of room(s) and volume of possessions.  [Larger areas, such as a basement, garage, attic or storage unit may require more.]  Keep in mind that while your possessions accumulated over many years, you stand to face a lifetime of memories. Rushing yourself will create extra and unnecessary stress and you may make decisions that do not best reflect the goals and results which you planned on meeting. Know that the pace will best suit your individual needs.

How does it work?  We first review your organizing goals for your project. 

     • Next we begin the sorting process, evaluating your possessions one by one, and discuss their purpose. While only you can best and accurately determine the value and use of your things, the final say for their outcome is always yours.  As we continue to learn and further understand your individual wants and needs we create customized new systems for the your use, efficiency, and enjoyment of the space! 
What do I do with my unwanted things?   Give away, sell or donate - it's up to you! 

     • You may donate to your charity of choice, save for a garage sale, or sell via consignment / eBay/ Facebook sites/ Craig’s List, or other. To remove the items you may take them away yourself, or schedule a pick up service. We have recommendations and contact information for nonprofit organizations (no charge), and for hire services.

Can you help me get ready to sell - and move plus unpack?   YES!  
     • We provide in-state and out-of-state assistance. 
For out of state, service begins at a three day commitment and you determine the extended time that will allow you to meet your moving goals.
What payments do you take? Personal checks, money orders and credit card (3% processing).

How do I buy a gift certificate?   It's easy! Please contact us to purchase!  

     • Give the gift of an organized home for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s day, house warming, new job or retirement, baby or bridal shower, wedding gift or ‘just because.’   

My group needs a speaker. Can you help?  YES! Please contact us to schedule.